Facial tissue, paper towel, paper napkin and bathroom tissue require attention in the end-of-line packaging process. The Maillis Group ensures you integrity of these crushable and easily deformable goods thanks to a strong expertise in developing tailor-made wrapping solutions (the right stretch film combined with the right wrapping machine) working directly in collaboration with Customers.

No more damages but load security in your tissue industry, Maillis knows your everyday packaging challenges.

With almost half a century of packaging expertise and an outstanding range of high quality strapping, wrapping and box handling solutions, the Maillis Group has the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of the tissue industry, covering all relevant applications and offering specialized products:

  • Power Stretch film
  • Semi-automatic wrapping machines

No more damages but load security in your tissue industry, Maillis know your everyday packaging challenges.

Converted products or mother reels & jumbo rolls require different applications. The Maillis Group can offer you a full box of secondary packaging systems (consumables, machines and services) to secure and protect your palletized loads.

Our specialized team, thanks to Maillis Transit Packaging Solutions Center in Poland, will assist you to achieve high levels of efficiency and minimize your total cost of ownership proposing and supplying you the most appropriate application. 

Maillis challenge is to support customer in securing load stability, avoiding any product deformation, contamination or damage especially in all those industries (such as the tissue one) where products are crushable and easily deformable. With Maillis solutions, goods integrity is guaranteed thanks also to the application on semi-automatic wrapping machines, such as the ProWrap and OneWrap, of a special range of Maillis Power Film, characterized by a pre-stretch up to 250%. This way you can give stiffness and the best protection from humidity & dust to your goods.

Having tonnes of consumables (stretch film and straps) sold and thousands of machine installations all over the world, we ensure that your load is handled in the most correct way and your products are packed in an optimum and secure manner.

Contact our TPS Center for an audit of your packaging solution, don't lose the occasion to add value to your business.