Maillis Group covers a wide range of transit packaging solutions integrating machines, consumables and service. Utilizing state-of-the-art production equipment, optimized processes, premium raw materials and advanced technical know-how, are Maillis is able to cover a wide range of applications with unique material properties and optimized solutions. The devotion to quality, following strict internal procedures and applicable international testing standards in modern Laboratories, ensures that only the best products leave our premises and give you the power to increase efficiency and productivity.

Steel Strap

The Maillis Group offers two basic qualities of steel strapping: Dynaflex® and Megadyn®. Each is specially developed to meet the requirements and specifications of a particular range of applications and they are available in a range of widths, thicknesses and finishes…

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PET Strap

Maillis Tensium polyester strap is available in wide range of widths, colors and thicknesses. It can be utilized from the lightest applications (for example strapping of construction tiles) up to the most demanding heavy cold applications in the…

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Stretch Film

The Maillis Group offers a complete range of quality stretch films, designed to meet all kinds of applications and requirements. Our films are engineered to minimize the packaging costs while retaining a secure, high quality wrapping. With state-of-the-art equipment to measure Film…

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Maillis steel strapping system range is completed with steel seals. A wide variety of standard push-type seals is offered to cover any regular end user application demand.

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Strapping Accessories

Maillis is able to offer the most suitable packaging solution for you along with a full set of accessories. Cutters, strap dispenser, balancers test benches and air treatment will add value and make more efficient your packaging processes.

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Tapes & Dispensers

The Maillis Group not only produces machines for secondary packaging, but also it offers a wide range of Manual Dispensers for all your needs. From Hand Dispensers to Desk Dispensers, from Bag Sealers to Manual Stretch Film Dispensers, we have a full range for…

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