Metal Container

Palletized metal containers are unstable, hard to handle and can lead to damaged goods and claims during storage and transport. Packaging of finished goods in the metal containers industry is extremely challenging. The Maillis Group has developed specific packaging systems (consumables such as PET strap, PP strap and stretch film combined with machines) which have the required characteristics to deal with the challenges of the metal container industry packaging of finished goods.

Discover with Maillis the best transit packaging solutions, wrapping and strapping applications

With almost half a century of packaging expertise and an outstanding range of high quality strapping, wrapping and box handling solutions, Maillis Group has the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of the metal container industry, covering all relevant applications and offering specialized products:

  • PET strap
  • PP strap
  • Power Stretch Film
  • Plastic Strapping tools
  • Semi automatic wrapping machines

Maillis strapping and wrapping system solutions for your transit packaging applications

Cans, tins and food containers packaging are some of the most demanding applications. It requires a solution able to offer a stable pallet without crushing, deforming or destroying the packaged goods and protect it from dust and humidity. The Maillis Group can offer you a full box of secondary packaging systems (consumables, machines and services) to secure and protect your palletized loads.

Our specialized team, thanks to Maillis Transit Packaging Solutions Center in Poland, will assist you to achieve high levels of efficiency and minimize your total cost of ownership proposing and supplying you the most appropriate application. 

From cans specific high-retained tension PET strap (Tensium Advance and Matrix) to high-accuracy strapping tools able to unitize palletized products of sensitive cans and tins, in Maillis offer you can find all specialized packaging equipment and packaging materials. Our combination of PET strap and strapping system will significantly reduce direct and indirect packaging costs related to pallet restrapping due to strap loosening, downtime due to strap or equipment incompatibility and wrapping equipment or stretch film stoppages due to top sharp edges and interlayer boards.

Moreover, Maillis Group offers a full range of semi-automatic wrapping systems (such as the new ProWrap or the One Wrap Plus) that, combined with high-quality standard and power stretch film, can ensure the pallet wrapping without cuts typically caused by top sharp edges and interlayer boards.

Having tonnes of consumables (stretch film and straps) sold and thousands of machine installations all over the world, we ensure that your load is handled in the most correct way and your products are packed in an optimum and secure manner.
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