With almost half a century of packaging expertise and an outstanding range of high quality strapping, wrapping and box handling solutions, Maillis Group has the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of the printing industry, covering all relevant applications and offering specialized products:

  • Printing media bundles
  • Palletized loads

In the printing industry, speed is the essence of packaging. From bundles to pallet strapping, any stoppage in the packaging lines must be avoided.

Maillis Group has years of experience in the printing industry with long-term partnerships with top-of-the-line printing houses.

Our narrow PP low dust residue straps used in bundle strapping for in-line and off-line strapping systems and our high-quality PP machine straps are perfectly combined with our strapping systems to work harmonically with no downtimes.

In addition, we offer a full range of stretch film required for pallet wrapping of printed media bundles. Whether it is hand stretch film which allows easy and fast application or standard/power stretch film for semi-automatic and automatic wrapping systems, we can offer you the solution and ensure your media products will arrive in time to their destination.

Finally, after sales support and additional services are one of the most important factors of Maillis Group total offering. Helping you to choose the right maintenance agreement, providing you with a recommended spare parts list and retrofitting and upgrading your old equipment are just some of service programs that Maillis can offer. For a fraction of the cost of a new machine, Maillis Group can upgrade many features that will enhance your machines productivity and will provide an extended use of your machine, well past the normal lifetime of the competitive equipment.

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