TP 502 is a semi-automatic strapping machine for PP and PET strap. It is suitable for a wide range of general applications. With 30% less moving parts than conventional machines substantially reduces maintenance issues. There are no belts, chains or pulleys. Extremely low noise sealing head.

Key Features

  • Strap type: Poliflex polypropylene strap and Tensium polyester strap
  • Strap width: from 5 mm to 15.5 mm
  • Compact mechanical strapping head
  • Electronic tension control
  • Jog switch
  • Welding cooling timer
  • Adjustable workbench: from 780 mm to 950 mm


  • Digital readout for strap tension and feed settings


TP_202_SMALL TP 202 Poliflex_PP_Strap Poliflex PP Tensium PET_05 Bild – Produkt – Tensium PET Umreifungsband – IMG006 – back transparent Tensium PET