WAVE (Wulftec Absolute Velocity Equipment) offers versatility in different applications and is suited for many industries. Thanks to the carrousel mounted film carriage system, WAVE eliminates the downtime created by film loading. It is provided with up to 4 complete No-Thread® powered pre-stretch film carriages that work alternatively, for continuous-operation film reloading. When the machine processes one roller, it automatically replaces the empty spool with a new roll without missing a beat or requiring operator intervention.

Key Features

  • Carrousel with 4 pre-loaded No-Thread® powered pre-stretch film carriages which can be reloaded while system in operation
  • Up to 4 powered pre-stretch 1000 mm carriages on the same system (50% - 300% pre-stretch)
  • Each carriage can carry different film size (500 mm, 750 mm, 1000 mm)
  • Posibillity to have up to 4 different pre-stretch levels, 4 different film thicknesses, 4 different film colors
  • Operator exposure to moving parts during operation eliminated with human-safe loading zone
  • Up to 125 loads/hour (based on load size and configuration)
  • Maximum load weight:1800 Kg (optional: 2270 Kg / 2720 Kg)
  • Load size: min. L 915 mm x W 915 mm x H 254 mm - max. L 1220 mm x W 1220 mm x H 2032 mm
  • Variable turntable speed: up to 16 rpm (up to 30 rpm available)
  • Film alignment arm and brush on film treatment
  • Automatic movable main film clamp for automatic reloading
  • Automatic indexing mechanism for lack of film or wrap pattern change


  • Other wrap heights available