Pneumatic sealer for steel strap with seal. It is a easy to use, strong and reliable pneumatic sealer. It is designed to use in industrial applications. The sealer group can be also adapted for limited working spaces ensuring an ergonomic and comfortable use. The tool is available as standard in 3 strap sizes: 19 mm, 25 mm and 32 mm.

Key Features

  • For packs with flat and round surfaces
  • Strap quality: Dynaflex and Megadyn steel strap
  • Strap width: from 19 mm to 32 mm
  • Strap thickness: from 0.6 mm to 1.1 mm (Rmax. 850 N/mm²)
  • Strap thickness: from 0.63 mm to 0.9 mm (Rmax. 1100 N/mm²)
  • Seal type: overlap seal - single notch (min. length 45 mm)
  • Air pressure: 6 - 7 bar max.
  • Air consumption: 3 l/s
  • Weight: 3.8 Kg


STTR-19-25-32 STTR 19-32 Steel_Strap_Seal STEEL SEALS Cutters_MJC01_MJC02 CUTTERS Air_treatment+Spiral_air_pipes AIR TREATMENT