Pneumatic strapping tool for steel strap with seal. It is a light, compact and easy to use strapping tool. It is designed to use in medium-light industrial applications. The tool is available in different configurations. The standard version is equipped with push button. On request, it is available the choke collar version. The tool is available in 4 strap sizes: 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm and 19 mm.

Key Features

  • Overlap seal Single Notch
  • For packs with flat, round and irregular surfaces
  • For Dynaflex and Megadyn steel strap
  • Strap width 10 to 19mm
  • Strap thickness 0,4mm up to 0,8mm (0.016”- 0.031”) Rmax=850N/mm2
  • Strap thickness 0,4mm up to 0,63mm (0.016” - 0.025”) Rmax=1100N/mm2
  • Max tension from 1500N up to 4500N depending on motor
  • Air pressure 5.5-6.5bar max - Air consumption 12l/s
  • Max tensioning speed from 5mt/min to 11mt/min
  • Seal type: Overlap min. seal lenght 22mm (7/8”)
  • Easy access to clean and perform maintenance
  • Push button model
  • Weight: 4kgr


  • Choke collar model
  • Suspension bracket kit


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