Textile band is a special polyester strap almost as strong as steel for many applications. It offers strength, flexibility, safety and comfort in use, being 6 times lighter than steel. It is made of polyester yarns glued together with special glues. It is a unique strapping method special for shrinking loads. It can be retightened many times using the proper buckle. It can also be used for expanding loads by fastening them with a simple knot.

The elasticity of the textile band makes it ideal for unstable loads or heavy transport conditions. It is offered in many types and dimensions suitable for hundreds of applications. Antistatic types are also available.  Seals and buckles are easy to use and retensionable.

Key Features

  • Strong and lightweight
  • Reusable
  • It absorb load shocks
  • Easy to handle and no risks for injuries for dispatchers
  • Easy retensioning
  • Minimum cutting and abrasion damage
  • Weather resistant
  • Rust resistant


Tensium PET_05 Bild – Produkt – Tensium PET Umreifungsband – IMG006 – back transparent Tensium PET Poliflex_PP_Strap Poliflex PP