PS50-TB is a semi-automatic single-block packing station consisting of a carton erector and a carton sealer. Packing and taping station made up of a boxes forming station with pusher cylinder and a sealing station with top and bottom drive belts suitable for packaging boxes of different dimensions. PS50-TB packing station performs forming and sealing operations with adhesive on the top and bottom of boxes.

Key Features

  • Carton forming station / carton sealing section (top and bottom)
  • Adjustable on the box dimensions by handles
  • Top and bottom drive belts (50 mm width each)
  • 2 motors (0,13 kW)
  • K11R taping units (50 mm)
  • Adjustable working height 585 – 785 mm


  • Higher legs (AS80)
  • Casters (AS77)
  • Roller conveyor (RG)
  • Extendable conveyor (GTL-GTR)