OR4 featured

OR/4 is a strapping machine especially designed to allow the complete automation of packaging lines. It can make the horizontal strapping of palletized loads by making one or more strapping cycles at different heights according to the program set-up. The tensioning efficiency is granted by the floating strapping head with a special aligner located on the opposite side of the strapping arch, in order to perfectly fix the strap on pallet.

Key Features

  • PLC Siemens S7® 1200
  • Strap type: PP/PET
  • Strap width: from 9 mm to 19 mm
  • Strap thickness: from 0.5 mm to 1 mm
  • Minimum strapping height: 250 mm


  • Edgeboards applicator


Poliflex_PP_Strap Poliflex PP Tensium PET_05 Bild – Produkt – Tensium PET Umreifungsband – IMG006 – back transparent Tensium PET edgeboards EDGEBOARDS