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Maillis presents the OptiMax range: a new era of stretch film able to cover all expectations, both in consumer and industrial goods markets, to complete the standard film offering.

High standards in performance, load security and customer productivity are now a reality thanks to the Maillis Research and Development Department.

Optimized recipes, fine-tuned film specifications and a dedicated team of Industry Specialists present in local markets provide customers with the best packaging solutions.

The new OptiMax stretch film range includes OptiBev and OptiLogic.

OptiBev (OPB) is specifically developed for beverage industry and its demanding applications. Designed to outperform with automatic wrapping systems, Optibev brings outstanding containment forces, increased pallet stability and ensure optimized consumption for the end user.

Furthermore, the new OptiLogic (OPL) film covers diverse applications in logistics and warehousing. Available in thin gauge, it delivers high stiffness. So, it’s perfect for semi-automatic stretch wrappers without any pre-stretch carriage. OptiLogic offers also a manual film version that incorporates increased length per roll, giving the user the possibility to double the number of pallets wrapped with a single roll.


img-Stretch-Film Stretch Film ONEWRAP_SMALL OneWrap