MJM200 is a strapping head for steel strap. This steel strapping head consists of a triple-notched jaw assembly for the gripping, the cutting and the notching of the strap. This design eliminates the need to use separate seals during the product strapping. Thus, when it is used a 32 mm strap, the joint efficiency is close to 85%. The field of application covers mainly heavy industry. It is useful for various package types: slit-coils, jumbo-coils, sheet packs, profiles, tubes, wires, billets, etc.

Key Features

  • Available for different strap widths: 19 mm, 25 mm and 32 mm
  • It can be equipped with a double or triple-notch jaw assembly
  • The joint efficiency of the 3-notches seal is between 75% to 85% depending on the strap used
  • Joint efficiency can be visibly inspected for quality and safety
  • It does not require complicated gas mixture control or welding tip replacement
  • Variable tension control for good load containment
  • No hydraulics resulting in clean operations
  • It can be easily adapted for any hot coil production
  • No damage on the outer area of the product, reducing waste and cost
  • The strapping head can be mounted in three planes making it very adaptable for any machine


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