Mancon is an automatic wrapping machine with rotating ring. It is equipped with one Carriage and one welding unit. This machine has a strong and robust tubolar steel frame with four telescopic supports (legs) and it is equipped with stiffening ribs on the feet and on the points of maximum stress (computation of the structure finite element Cosmos). Thanks to its standard carbon fiber ring (patent Maillis Group), Mancon model is able to reach high speeds with a low level of inertia. On Mancon range models, it is possible to determine the PLᵣ.

Key Features

  • High-speed and totally maintenance-free top infrared sealing unit
  • Advanced controls
  • 15 wrapping programs (standard)
  • Carbon ring construction (26 Kg only)
  • Easy film reel change - just one minute
  • Splashproof mid-cycle
  • Powered pre-stretch film control
  • Powered pre-stretch up to 350%
  • Rotation speed: 50rpm
  • Siemens® PLC


  • Double film carriage working together for very high throughput (MAXIMA)
  • PW- VIKING carriage with 2 AC servo motors allowing to adjust electronically the pre-stretch ratio
  • Film change device
  • Pallet lifter
  • External programs selection
  • Muting systems (EN 415-6 CE norms)
  • Integrated top cover applicator (inside Mancon)
  • External top cover applicator (MF/B - MF/P)
  • Top blowing unit
  • Pantograph motorized top press plate
  • Film roping device
  • Advanced safety devices (parachute)
  • Automatic film carriage change (double film system)
  • ‘NO LUBE’ technology for the food and beverage industry
  • Powered roller conveyors


img-Stretch-Film Stretch Film Top-sheet TOP SHEETS edgeboards EDGEBOARDS