HM11 is a range of automatic hot melt carton sealers. HM11-T and HM11-TB are automatic hot melt carton sealers with side drive belts and manual adjustment. They are designed to seal with hot melt glue the top and bottom (HM11-TB) or the top only (HM11-T) of boxes of the same dimension. The box, coming from a filling station with the bottom flaps sealed, is taken away by drive belts toward the machine where injectors dispense 4 strips of hot melt glue. A system of flap compression rollers provides the proper pressure on the flaps of the box. This machine doesn’t require the presence of an operator except for the glue adjustments and feeding. It is equipped with safety panels to prevent the operator comes in contact with moving or hot parts.

Key Features

  • Automatic flaps-folder device
  • Manual adjustment on different box dimensions by handles
  • Side drive belts (75 mm width each)
  • Drive belts speed 21 m/min.
  • 2 motors (0,18 kW)
  • The glue applicator dispenses the glue on the top and bottom flaps (HM11-TB) or top flaps only (HM11-T1) while boxes pass through the machine before the top flaps folding
  • Robatech® hot-melt glue applicator on external carriage
  • The glue dispenser adjusts glue temperature and volume
  • Sealing programs storing
  • Timer for glue pre-heating adjustments
  • Box dimensions adjustments
  • Safety protections doors with disconnect switches
  • Control panel equipped with: main switch start, stop button, stop emergency button and photocells to control the boxes glued
  • Output: up to 1000 bph (HM11-TB)
  • Output: up to 1200 bph (HM11-T)
  • Adjustable working height 500 – 750 mm
  • Omron® PLC


  • Other PLC brand
  • Other hot melt glue dispenser brand
  • Higher legs (AS80)
  • Casters (AS77)
  • Roller conveyor (RG)
  • Extendable conveyor (GTL-GTR)