F34x is a range of automatic carton erectors. The range is designed to form and at a later stage to seal with adhesive tape the bottom flaps of boxes ready then to be filled, with a variable output up to 1100 boxes/hour according to box dimensions. Machine adjustments are simple and fast. The range is built in compliance with CE safety standards.

Key Features

  • Box storage for 150 boxes
  • Box storage available on left side (SX) or right side (DX)
  • 2 carriages activated by electric axis (FESTO) with suction cups to take cartons from the boxes storage, to fold and to take them away by drive belts (2 motors 0,65 kW each) for the bottom flaps folding and sealing
  • K11R taping unit - 50 mm width
  • Becker vacuum system
  • Control panel equipped with: touchscreen panel with trouble shooting, automatic "0" setting up, suction cups carriages speed adjustment, box counter - box timer, low box storage alarm, low brake/end tape alarm, full line alarm after the machine
  • Safety protections with disconnect switches
  • OmronĀ® PLC
  • Output up to 1100 boxes/hour


  • K12R taping unit - 75 mm width
  • Boxes storage for 300 ML boxes
  • Other PLC brands
  • Casters (AS109)
  • Roller conveyor (RG)
  • Extendable conveyor (GTL - GTR)