F105 is a semi-automatic carton erector. F105 automatically folds the bottom flaps of boxes manually entered by an operator, thus allowing a time saving of 50%. The box, with the bottom flaps folded, are kept in vertical position for the filling operations. Subsequently, the box is driven toward a case sealer by a pneumatic pusher in order to be sealed with adhesive tape.

Key Features

  • Semi-automatic adjustment device on box width
  • Length to be adjusted occording to different box dimensions
  • The machine folds the four bottom flaps. It doesn’t seal boxes
  • Side guides automatically (pneumatic device) identify the box width and hold it in vertical position to facilitate its filling
  • Once the filling operation has been completed, a pusher drives boxes toward the case sealer
  • Boxes storage on the opposite operator side


  • Casters (AS77)
  • Higher legs (AS80)