Case Worker

CASE WORKER® new packaging system significantly increases the efficiency over standard
manual packaging system. CASE WORKER® seamlessly integrates an automatic case former, a hand pack station and a case sealer gathered in a compact ergonomic working cell. CASE WORKER® rigidness ensures its longevity and trouble-free operation.

CASE WORKER® should be chosen instead of automatic packing station for processes where :
products require inspection prior to packing, there is short run of variable products, products are
difficult to handle automatically, packaging operations where full automation is infeasible or not
economically justified etc.

Key Features

  • One integrated line for all functions (Case Forming, Product Arrival, Hand Packing, Case Sealing)
  • Feed-in of the pre-shaped box on belt conveyor controlled by the operator
  • Max production capacity up to 10/12 bpm depending on box sizes
  • Box siezes: Min. L 220 W 150 H220 - Max. L 560 W 350 H 450 To process boxes with H<220mm, W+H≥370
  • Shaped Carton boxes (ready to be filled) positioning system
  • Carton boxes magazine easy to be filled up Carton boxes magazine easy to be filled up
  • Gravity storage for 90/100 boxes (depended on cartons thickness)
  • Sturdy metal carrying frame resistant to corrosion
  • Fast and easy adjustment to different box sizes without any tool – all adjustments with hand-wheels and with the help of regulators & counters
  • Case sealer SIAT machine
  • OMRON PLC controlled (other brand on request) for easy integration as part of a whole line
  • Control panel equipped with : Box counter – Box timer to set up productivity per minute - Brake/end tape alarm - Full line alarm after the machine
  • Executions with boxes arrival either from operator’s right or left side


  • Products conveyor height adjustment allowing optimal hand packing position at various box sizes
  • Possibility to add a second and third hand packing station
  • Selection between 2” or 3” taping machines
  • Motorized cartons magazine with increased storage (250 boxes approx.), allowing for higher autonomy
  • Possibility to use top & bottom sealing machine (SK2) instead of side sealing (S8)
  • Posibillity to integrate with robotic syste, for automatic case packing and/or palletizer Posibillity to integrate with robotic syste, for automatic case packing and/or palletizer