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Your Benefits

  • Fast and specific modification of older lines to accommodate new products and requirements
  • Saving of more than 50% compared to the purchase of a new machine
  • Increased efficiency, reliability, productivity and functionality thanks to retrofits and technical upgrades
  • Short changeover times
  • Integration of ergonomic operating and changeover elements
  • Reduced repair and maintenance costs
  • Quality assurance based on functional test prior to delivery
  • Programs change

Steel Strapping

  • MJM sealless steel strapping head retrofit
  • New coil dispenser for increased uptime
  • Refurbish and upgrade of competitors heads

PP/PET Strapping

  • GS41 / GS21 head retrofits
  • New active coil dispenser installation
  • Edgeboards and skid applicators

Wrapping Machines

  • Powered pre-stretch units
  • Infrared seaming unit
  • Compact clamp film welding units
  • Pallet pop-up in conveyor
  • Roping units
  • Bluetooth units
  • Speed upgrades
  • Top sheet applicators
  • Integrated weighing system

Case Handling

  • K11 taping head