Machines & Tools

The Maillis Group designs and manufactures complete wrapping, strapping and carton sealing systems for all the transit packaging needs across different Industries. From simple battery hand strapping tools to the premium quality semi automatic machines.

Case Handling

Sealing cases using a case sealer is faster, provides a better result and is more economical. Using of case sealer also ensures ergonomically correct working conditions. Case sealers are designed for a variety of different tasks and needs:…

Wrapping Machines

The Maillis Group offers a broad range of stretch wrapping machines that starts with the entry level cost-effective semi automatic machine, suitable for low throughput usage, through the most complete and fully featured semi automatic for higher volumes and demanding professional use. 

Strapping Machines

Strapping systems by Maillis cover a wide range of applications for most industries in the most efficient and cost-effective packaging solution. From plastic strap to steel strap, we can offer you the right solution!

Flexographic Printing Machines

SIAT flexographic machines are recognized throughout the world as high quality and great strength machines. Whatever the use required, SIAT is able to meet your needs.