Corner Protector


Corner Protector

The Maillis Corner protector are edgeboards designed to protect delicate edge of your goods


Maillis corner protection edgeboards are the perfect protection for particularly delicate corners of cargo and packages. One leg of a cut edge protection profile is punched and punched by means of punching at one or more points (according to customer specifications) with or without a button. The compressed corner bulge forms a cushion as an additional protection for the delicate corners of a package. The stamped button serves as a closure, so that the protective corner angle can not unfold itself again. Available are short pieces, half and full frames with or without button punching.
Protective corner angles are made of the very solid, absolutely moisture-resistant plastic-coated paper material of the Sander Jumbo profiles and therefore offer optimum protection for the packaged goods. Upon request, protective corner angles with single or multi-color imprints are available (eg company logos or warnings). The edge protection corner is delivered to reduce shipping costs in the unfolded state. There guarantees a space-saving storage.

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