WS46 and WS47 are semi- automatic stretch wrapping machines with turntable. These machines are designed for low to medium-duty wrapping applications. WS46 and WS47 machines are available in different configurations, with the possibility of 90° pallet in-feed and out-feed conveyors. On WS46 and WS47 range models, it is possible to determine the PLᵣ.

Key Features

  • Maximum pallet dimension (WS46): 1200 mm x 1000 mm
  • Maximum pallet dimension (WS47): 1400 mm x 1200 mm
  • Film carriage on right or left side of the machine
  • Non-proprietary electric, electronic and mechanical components
  • Turntable supported and driven by main crown bearing and self-lubricating syntetic sprocket (no lube)
  • Pallet transport height: from 350 mm (standard)
  • Powered pre-stretch carriage up to 300% (PW)
  • Easy film insertion (no thread)
  • Quick film reel change
  • Rotation speed: up to 17 rpm
  • Cutting and brushing unit for stretch film treatment at the end of the wrapping cycle
  • Safety muting systems and fencing (EN 415-6 CE norms)
  • Siemens® PLC
  • User-friendly color touchscreen HMI
  • External programs selection


  • Pallet height up to 3000 mm
  • Pneumatic or motorized pressure platen (round or rectangular)
  • Film welding unit
  • Film tail blowing system
  • Active or passive film roping system
  • Integrated waterproof top cover applicator (MF/B)
  • External dustproof top cover applicator (MF/P)
  • 90° line configurations
  • Turntable with integrated chain (instead of roller conveyor)
  • Complete range of powered roller or chain conveyors and complementary equipment
  • Other brands electrical components
  • Dedicated groups of stainless steel parts


Top-sheet TOP SHEETS edgeboards EDGEBOARDS img-Stretch-Film Stretch Film MF-B+MF-P_SMALL MF/B - MF/P