The WR50 is a semi-automatic basic robot-pallet wrapper that you move wherever you want to wrap your pallet. Simple and easy to use it is ideal for logistic centers, warehouses and repacking stations where there are a lot of palletizing stations scattered. Moreover, it is suitable for wrapping pallets and loads with too big side dimensions to be wrapped in normal turntable stretch wrappers.

Key Features

  • For pallets of height up to 2100mm
  • Needs 1100mm additional to the product radius to operate
  • Safety Bumper
  • Acoustic luminous indicator (CE)
  • 24V battery with incorporated battery charger
  • Handlebar for easy motorized moving of the Robot
  • Tracer point with adjustable height level
  • Possibility to pitchfork the machine posteriorly
  • Easy to use Control panel
  • Film carriage with mechanical clutch
  • Pallet height photocell


  • Special photocell for black or colored film


WR50 wrt-150 WRT-150 img-Stretch-Film Stretch Film