Efficient protection from many types of transport damages for all products with sensitive edges and special dimensions. The products range includes different edgeboard products: corner protectors, pallet frames, profiles with flaps, curved profiles with serrations, slitted profiles, with imprints, with self-adhesive coatings, with hydrophobic characteristics.

Key Features

  • High strength
  • Precise dimensions


  • Unequal angleboard variations
  • Surface with white paper layer
  • With prints in mono or bichrome colors
  • Edgeboards with flaps can be sticked simply vertically betweeen packages
  • L-profile self-adhesive edgeboards or with slit at the end to see the product
  • Corner protectors with puzzle lock for the perfect edge protection
  • One or multi-piece frames with puzzle lock or hinge for pallet formatting
  • Curved edgeboard with notched L-profiles for the protection of round edges