Legal Notice

Legal  Notice

The use of the Website (hereinafter “Website”) is subject to the present terms and conditions (hereinafter “the Terms”), which visitors/users are requested to read carefully before viewing or using the Website and to conform to. Unless the visitor/user disagrees with the terms and conditions, in which case he/she shall not visit/use the Website, the visitor/user shall be deemed to be aware of the terms and conditions and to consent to them.

M.J. MAILLIS SA – INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING SYSTEMS & TECHNOLOGIES (hereinafter “Maillis”) may, for any reason and without prior notice, change these Terms and Conditions. The continuing use of the Website by visitors/users after the effective date of any changes in the Terms will be considered as acceptance of such changes by the visitors/users.


1.1. The Website’s content, including, without limitation, all documents, files, texts, images, graphics, attachments and the code included in it, as well as the Website’s overall presentation constitute intellectual and industrial property of Maillis and/or its affiliate companies, unless stated otherwise, and are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek or/and other applicable national law, as well as the EU or/and international law.

1.2. All product names mentioned in the Website constitute trademarks of Maillis or/and its affiliate companies, except for trademarks indicated as owned by other companies.

1.3. Republishing, copying and printing of parts, extracts or documents of the Website is prohibited without Maillis prior written consent.

Exceptionally, users/visitors are allowed to copy and print extracts or documents from the Website (except for contents owned by a third party and defined as such) solely for personal and non-commercial use  by them, on condition that the source of above extracts and documents is cited at all times. This clause shall under no circumstances be construed as an assignment or transfer of Maillis’ or Maillis affiliate companies’ intellectual and industrial property rights in any manner whatsoever. In any case, any copy or extract of such documents or pages obtained maintains all intellectual property rights, industrial property rights, other ownership releases and any disclaimer included in such.

All logos and trademarks of Maillis and/or its affiliate companies may not be used or reproduced without the prior written consent of Maillis or its respective affiliate.


2.1. Some of the contents of the Website may be owned by third parties (i.e. articles, data or abstracts) or there may be hyperlinks that lead to websites owned by third parties, which have full and exclusive responsibility (civil, penal, administrative) for the security, legality or reliability of their website contents and services, Maillis not bearing any liability whatsoever.

2.2. Maillis cannot guarantee that users of the Website are entitled to use the content owned by third parties and available on the Website. Users must obtain the permission from the third party before using or saving such contents. The contents protected by copyrights cannot be modified nor can any author’s notice or copyright notice that appear in such, without obtaining the necessary consents in advance.

2.3. Maillis provides such links for the convenience of the Website’s visitors/users. Maillis has no control on the websites owned by third parties or their contents, which can be accessed through the Website or are available in it, and thus Maillis does not support, finance, advise or in any event accept any responsibility for such websites or their contents.


3.1. Maillis in no case bears any liability or responsibility towards anyone or for any direct, or indirect, subsequent, or consequential damages and/or losses of any kind, including moral damage (ithiki vlavi in greek) deriving from or as a result of the Website or from any use of it or from any other website or any other source linked to the Website, reference, or possibility of access through the Website, or for the use, download or possibility of access to any data, information, products or services, including, indicatively and not exhaustively, any loss of income, loss of software programs or data, even in the case where Maillis has been explicitly warned for the possibility of such damage.

3.2. Maillis under no circumstances guarantees an uninterrupted, error-free or virus- free provision of contents and services via the Website or via any other site server providing access to the contents of the Website. Also, Maillis does not guarantee, directly or indirectly, that the Website’s context will be at all times up to date, secure, with no errors, will meet the visitors/users demands and that the results, which will emerge from its use will be reliable, accurate and with no errors.

3.3. Ιnformation contained in the Website may not always be up to date and for this reason, information is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS RELEASED” basis. The use of information received or saved by or through the Website relies exclusively on the judgment of the visitor/user and is his/her responsibility. The visitor/user accepts that he/she must evaluate the contents and that he/she is solely responsible for any risk that may be induced by the use of any contents.

3.4 The content of the Website does not provide advice and it does not make any recommendation nor must it be considered as a suggestion for any decision or action, invitation for investment or generally for participation in shares or other securities of Maillis.


The use of software downloaded by the Website is subject exclusively to the judgment and evaluation of possible risks by the visitor/user, who must make sure that the software he/she downloads from the Website to his/her personal computer is compatible with the computer, does not contain viruses and that all relevant software licenses and terms of use of such software are observed.


Maillis reserves the right to change or withdraw any part of or the whole Website at any time, without prior notice. Any changes will be effective from the following time the visitor/user visits the Website. Visitors/users of the Website are not entitled to any indemnification due to the inability to use services offered by the Website.


6.1. The capacity of a user of the Website is personal for its holder as an individual and cannot be shared with another individual. If a user name and / or an access code has been provided to an individual, he/she must guard such user name and/or access code with safety and treat them as confidential and he/she is obliged to (i) notify Maillis directly as soon as he/she detects any non-authorized disclosure or use of his/hers personal user name and /or access code and (ii) he/she is solely responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from this non-authorized use or disclosure.

6.2. Every visitor/user is responsible for the provision of all equipment needed to access the Website and for all relevant charges of third parties (i.e. telephone charges and charges of Internet service providers).

6.3. The visitor/user agrees to use the Website only according to the Terms. In case any un-authorized use of the Website by a visitor/user results to damage to any individual or legal entity, which subsequently takes legal action against Maillis, such visitor/user is obliged to indemnify Maillis for all losses and /or damages that arise from such claim.

6.4. The visitors/users of the Website are prohibited from:

6.4.1 Acting, while using the Website, knowingly or involuntarily, contrary to any legal or regulative provisions or decisions of any competent  authority, that has jurisdiction on them or on their activities.

6.4.2. Using the Website for obtaining  access the systems of Maillis or of its affiliate companies or the networks of third parties.

6.4.3. Using the Website for conducting business activities or other activities or to contribute to activities that are prohibited by the law.

6.4.4. Using the Website for transmitting any material that is defamatory, insulting or threatening or which violates third parties’ rights, or that intends to cause disturbance, harassment or unnecessary unrest to any third party, or for sending false messages or using the Website for such purposes.

6.5. The visitors/users of the Website

a) must  immediately inform Maillis  regarding any claim or action of any kind against them  for any use of the Website and immediately cease the action for which the claim or action was made, and

 b) to make sure that their registration data are up to date and immediately inform Maillis regarding any changes of  above data.


If any article of the Terms is deemed void or non-applicable, this will not affect the validity and enforcement of the remaining Terms.

These Terms are regulated by and interpreted according to Greek Law.

Αny dispute arising from or relating to the Terms and/or the Website shall be resolved exclusively by the courts of Athens, Greece.