Food & Beverage

Food, carbonated or non carbonated beverages? We focus our business on solutions (stretch film and machines) that are optimized for different transportation modes and conditions, while keeping an attention on details, product needs and characteristics.

Tailor-made transit packaging solutions for your food and beverage business

With almost half a century of packaging expertise and an outstanding range of high quality strapping, wrapping and box handling solutions, the Maillis Group has the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of the food industry, covering all relevant applications and offering specialized products:

  • Power Stretch film
  • Semi-automatic wrapping machines
  • Semi and fully-automatic case erectors
  • Semi and fully-automatic case sealers
  • Conveyors

Discover Maillis packaging system solutions. The most appropriate application for the food and beverage industry needs.

The Maillis Group can offer you a full box of secondary packaging systems (consumables, machines and services) to secure and protect your palletized loads. In order to define best-in-class applications for the food and beverage industry, it is fundamental to consider the specific type of products and pallet load, e.g. carbonated, non-carbonated, bakery, frozen foods, meat and poultry etc.

Our specialized team, thanks to Maillis Transit Packaging Solutions Center in Poland, will assist you to achieve high levels of efficiency and minimize your total cost of ownership proposing and supplying you the most appropriate application. What about packing bottles? The ideal solution for your business is OptiBev (OPB) stretch film, the best in class for its premium technical characteristics. Part of the new OptiMax film range by Maillis, OptiBev is the ideal answer to the packaging needs of the beverage industry, having been developed specially for it. This particular stretch film outperforms when used with a wrapping system with a high pre-stretch carriage, such as the new turntable machine SIAT ProWrap or the OneWrap. OptiBev covers the key criteria of demanding applications, bringing top-class holding forces and the optimization of film consumption.

Maillis Group offering, though, goes further by providing you integrated packaging lines through flexible integrated systems: box erectors (the semi-automatic F105 or PS50TB, the fully-automatic F144 or F344Range), box sealers (the semi-automatic SK20 or XL35 and the automatic SM44HS or HM11Range) and conveyors. In case of the food industry, stainless steel frame machines, like the SM2 Inox, and washdown components in compliance with NEMA 4 standards are available.

Having tonnes of consumables (stretch film and straps) sold and thousands of machine installations all over the world, we ensure that your load is handled in the most correct way and your products are packed in an optimum and secure manner. Contact our TPS Center for an audit of your packaging solution, don't lose the occasion to add value to your business.


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